Aliens in Area 51


The Myth

The government keeps all the aliens in Area 51.  We’ve probably all heard the stories.  Located in southern Nevada, Area 51 has for several decades been the center of many conspiracy theories and pop culture myths.

The government’s reluctance to discuss Area 51 has likely contributed to the large array of theories attempting to explain the secret base’s purpose.  Some say that the CIA uses the base for nuclear testing.  Other conspiracy theorists say that the secret base functions as a site for testing spy planes and other experimental aircraft.  The prominent theory however claims that alien life forms have repeatedly crashed to earth and that the government holds the aliens and their spacecraft in Area 51.

The base’s remote desert location and the many sightings of crashed aircraft lend strength to the alien theories.  The base has been excluded from many maps in the past and the government has gone back and forth about whether or not the base officially exists.  In the past, the government denied the existence of Area 51, but recently the CIA has declassified documents which make reference to the secret base.

Even National Geographic has speculated about the purpose of Area 51 with an article about the crash of a spy plane in 1963.  The CIA hid the crash from the public in 1963 and only recently declassified details about the incident.

The Discovery Channel also made a very long documentary about Area 51.

The Truth

The government has been reluctant to speak about the current purpose of Area 51.  However, the CIA and the Air Force have declassified a few documents and projects from the 60’s and 70’s.  These documents have shed some light on some of the unusual activity which likely contributed to the rash of conspiracy theories.  According to the website How Stuff Works, the Air Force says that Area 51, a part of Edwards Air Force Base, serves as a site for testing experimental aircraft.

Whether or not the term “experimental aircraft” refers to captured alien spaceships remains unclear at this time.

Why People Believe

Why not believe?  This seems to be one of those conspiracy theories where the hype and mystery entertain more than the boring truth.  If the government can be taken at its word, then Area 51 is nothing more than a classified testing ground.  Whenever the government keeps a secret, people tend to imagine the worst possible scenario.

A good analogy lies in the example of a cheating spouse.  Once your spouse cheats on you, you will constantly think that he or she will do it again, and you will always expect the worst.  The government has definitely cheated on the American people in the past, and we have the Wikileaks to prove it.  For example, remember that one time the government planned to stage an attack on American soil to gain support for a war? No? Well go read about it here.

The American government has lied to people before, both for their own safety, and for less noble reasons.  People likely believe in Area 51 because they expect all governmental secrecy to mean something very important and exciting.  Whether or not Area 51 does house aliens, we may never know, but it can be fun to pretend.


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